Precision is paramount when it comes to customized tube fabrication, and it’s one of our specialties. Secondary operations include coatings such as PTFE and grit blasting.

Simple Fabrication

ECM Cutting, Shear Cuts, Abrasive Cuts, Long & Short Lengths
Full & Partial Body Blasting, Various Roughness Available
Full Tube Length Grinding or Multiple Step Grinds
Single or Double Bevels, Custom Geometry Available
Single or Multiple Axis Bends
Laser or Chemical Etchings

Moderate Fabrications

Flaring, Flanging, Bulging, Swagging
Sink and wire EDM or hole forming and metal shaping, especially for complex 3D geometry
PTFE, Plating, Electro Polishing
Single and Multiple Holes, Slots, and Notch Profiles

Complex Fabrications

2D and 3D laser cutting, especially useful for fine, detailed projects
Used with a wide variety of metals, especially cost effective in automated production
Both Turret and Swiss Machining, depending on the application, useful for producing large quantities with fine detail and accuracy
Solvent vapor degreasing, immersion cleaning, citric and nitric passivation, ultra-sonic wash