Medical devices demand the highest level of precision, strength and quality materials possible. International Tube prides itself on providing the medical industry with the components for medical devices that literally save lives. Our contribution to the medical industry includes implantable grade tubing and miniature tubes used in a myriad of applications. But one thing remains consistent. Our tubes are relied upon by design engineers, doctors, and patients, each and every day.


International Tube is a contract manufacturer offering quality and custom solutions to the ever-evolving cardiac industry. Here are just a few of our capabilities within this market.
We offer 316LVM Grade for Stents. Tube and wire drawing, laser machining, forming, heat setting all to meet your specific needs.
Specialists in guidewire components, assemblies and coatings including hydraulic and PTFE
International tube meets your every need for catheter components including catheter shafts, tight-tolerance radiopaque marker bands and custom tube fabrication capabilities that include laser cutting and coating. Our proven track record for outstanding quality, competitive pricing and speed to market is unprecedented.

Drug Delivery

International Tube is a contract manufacturer for many hypodermic and bifurcated needle producers. We understand the need to provide miniature tubing that is welded and drawn to tight OD and ID tolerances and we stock both 304 and 316 Stainless Steel.

Cryoablation Therapy

International Tube is a key contract manufacturer of the miniature precision tubes used to make instruments for Cryoablation Therapy. This minimally invasive treatment that uses extreme cold to freeze and destroy cancerous and/or diseased tissue is being used in a wide variety of medical specialties.


International Tube is a contract manufacturer of components necessary to service the root canal market. We provide the precision metal tubing necessary for root canal points, self-threading parapulpal pins and precision instruments, including drills.


Most lasers in ophthalmology use an electric current passed through a tube, which contains an amplifying medium. This serves to intensify the energy. International Tube understands the importance of providing a precision metal tube that meets the exact specifications of the manufacturers they serve in this highly specialized industry.


International Tube’s extensive experience in small diameter tubing and component assemblies makes it a natural for assisting medical OEMs with arthroscopy devices. We provide the components for shaver blades, rotating surgical burr assemblies, and other instruments needed for this non-invasive precision procedure.