Small Diameter Metal Tubing to Meet Any Requirement

Our own resources, combined with extensive sourcing capabilities, make it possible to provide many types of metal tubing ranging from .003″ to .625″ OD in size. We can work with a variety of alloys and our extensive customized tube fabrication experience helps create a finished product to your exact specifications.

As you know, small diameter metal tubing has very precise requirements. Whether you’re looking for tight tolerance tubing, a smooth ID, or an intricate customized tube fabrication, we will help you make the best choice to obtain optimal results.

The intricacies of precision tube design are many. That¹s why we have a very specific process that helps us obtain as much information as possible up front, so we can make strategic decisions at the initial design phase. Contact our tubing specialists to learn more.

For more specific information, please visit our Medical, Aerospace, Industrial, and Electronic specific pages.